Reclaimed Bat Box


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This reclaimed wooden bat box provides a cozy, eco-friendly home for our local bat population. Made with untreated timber following guidelines from the RSPB and other bat organizations, this box is designed to be:

  • Functional and Compact: Designed to maximize usability for bats while minimizing space required in your garden.
  • Safe for Inhabitants: The untreated timber offers excellent grip and avoids introducing chemicals that could harm bats.
  • Ideal for Raising Young: Features a 20mm gap between grooved roosting boards, providing ample space for mothers and their young bats. The increased landing pad size offers additional comfort for little ones.

Easy Installation:

  • Mount the bat box under the eaves of your house for convenient placement.
  • In larger gardens, you can also securely attach it to the trunk of a mature tree.

Optimal Placement:

  • For maximum occupancy, position the box at least 10ft (3m) high, facing southwest to southeast.
  • Ensure a clear flight path for bats entering and exiting the box.
  • Planting climbing vines like roses or honeysuckle around the box can further attract bats by providing additional shelter.

By installing this bat box, you’ll be creating a safe haven for these fascinating creatures and helping control mosquito populations naturally!

** Please note that colours appear different on different screens and lights however we have done our best to take the photos in natural lighting for your best reference**

—- SIZE —-

Dimensions: 22 cm Wide x 38cm High x 14 cm Depth

How The Items Are Made

All Items are hand made to order in the East Sussex country side with locally sourced materials making each item unique. 

being unique each item has its own natural patent, that might include holes and marks depending upon its previous use  giving each items a history and some story behind it being truly salvaged. 

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Materials Used

crowfoot salvage items have sustainability at the heart meaning they are all made from reclaimed materials that our salvaged locally saving them from going to waste. 

Where is this is not possible it is ensured that any additional materials is fully recyclable and sustainable as possible. 

Personaisation / Bespoke Orders

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